Stockhausen’s Freude

Stockhausen’s epic work Freude for two harps takes the listener on to a ritual-like experience. Dressed in white, the two performers play, pluck, and hit the harps, and in the meantime, sing, speak, and whisper the medieval hymn of Pentecost. They perform the forty-minute piece by heart which adds to the mystic impression of the piece. The movements and expression of the players unite both harps into one instrument. Freude was written in 2006 for Marianne Smit, who worked with the composer for a period of several months. It was premiered in the Duomo of Milan and has been performed many times at international venues. As of 2017, Miriam Overlach is Marianne’s new partner, and this is their first performance together in the Netherlands. The new light design by Desirée van Gelderen is specifically developed for the Dutch Harp Festival.

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 Number of Week1
 Open: 13 May 2018
 14:45 - 15:30

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