Roll up, roll up…

World Harp Competition semifinalist Rosanna Moore presents her original program: Roll up, roll up….

Ladies and gentlemen, roll up, roll up! Come join me for a show that will intrigue you ears and entice your senses.
Every piece of music has a story, the audience just needs someone to tell it. For this program, I was inspired by the original meaning of Vaudeville – small skits and unrelated acts billed on the same show.
“That sounds similar to many classical concerts?” I hear you say! Yes, you are correct, dear reader!
As a result, the program will be a series of short and varied scenes made up of different types of theatrical music, interspersed with stories to link one scene to the next. From the comedic mime of Paul Patterson’s Mosquito Massacre, to the tragic love story of Ariadne in Schafer’s Labyrinth Dance, to original folk tunes and improvisations.
Treat your senses to a delectable buffet of musical miniatures.

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Class Information

 Number of Week1
 Open: 13 May 2018
 11:15 - 12:00

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