New Looks

World Harp Competition semifinalist Alice Belugou presents her original program: New Looks.

In 1962, Luciano Berio altered the course of the future harp repertoire with his Sequenza II. Lucia Bova writes in The Modern Harp (2016) that he “was able to ‘unveil’ an instrument that until then had only timidly emerged in New Music.”

Since the post-war period, the number of different aesthetic currents has increased, and the large-scale trends have given way to individual forms of expression. This program features Berio’s Sequenza and pieces from the last decade. Each of these pieces illustrates how, in their own distinct and inventive ways, the composers have been able to approach their main concerns through the use of the harp. In his Fidélité, Georges Aperghis assigns equal importance to the harpist’s voice and to the harp, creating a unique instrument from the two sound sources. Martin Matalon wrote for the harp and a complex electronic device used in real time with the instrument, while Simon Steen Andersen uses the harp as a projection screen, on which the harpist plays with all kinds of techniques, except for traditional ones.

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 Number of Week1
 Open: 13 May 2018
 12:45 - 13:30

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