World Harp Competition semifinalist Uno Vesje presents his original program: Harpist/Harpwriter.

“As a classical trained harpist, stuck between tradition and real life, I have struggled to find the stories I want to tell. I find many interesting thoughts and ideas in the repertoire, but they’re not my stories. Singer-songwriters do it, my classical ancestors did it, and now I am doing it – performing my own compositions! As an instrumental artist my attention gradually turned away from the orchestra pit to city streets. In the urban environments of New York City and Oslo, the interactions of people living between metal, concrete and glass became the inspiration for my music. My desire was to create music for the harp that would appeal to “The Man and Woman on the Street” and in the same time explore the possibilities of this unique instrument. My music is a conglomeration of stories, characteristics, scenes and emotions that arise from the heartbeat of the City.”

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Class Information

 Number of Week1
 Open: 12 May 2018
 22:30 - 23:15

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