Emmanuel Padilla Holguín

Emmanuel Padilla Holguín was the unanimous winner of the DHF World Harp Competition 2016. This amiable Mexican artist blew away both the audience and the jury with his combination of classical and Latin-American folk music. Part of his prize was participation in the Coaching, Care, and Career (CCC) Program of the DHF World Harp Competition. With the support of this CCC Program, Emmanuel traveled to Cuba and Argentina to learn to play the salsa and the tango from true masters. We can’t wait to hear the result!

Indian Fusion / Zitar

The Indian sitar player Niladri Kumar is an absolute star in world music. His technique is almost extraterrestrial and his musicality is overwhelming. During the festival, he’s accompanied by pianist Mike del Ferro and Ruven Ruppik on tabla. The sitar might not be a harp, but if you hear Niladri you would think the instrument had at least fifty strings.

Stockhausen’s Freude

Stockhausen’s epic work Freude for two harps takes the listener on to a ritual-like experience. Dressed in white, the two performers play, pluck, and hit the harps, and in the meantime, sing, speak, and whisper the medieval hymn of Pentecost. They perform the forty-minute piece by heart which adds to the mystic impression of the piece. The movements and expression of the players unite both harps into one instrument. Freude was written in 2006 for Marianne Smit, who worked with the composer for a period of several months. It was premiered in the Duomo of Milan and has been performed many times at international venues. As of 2017, Miriam Overlach is Marianne’s new partner, and this is their first performance together in the Netherlands. The new light design by Desirée van Gelderen is specifically developed for the Dutch Harp Festival.

Nikolaz Cadoret

Nikolaz Cadoret is a musician with many personalities. With great ease, he plays both Celtic and traditional pedal harp and owns it. Nikolaz worked together with the most famous orchestras like Berliner Philharmoniker and Toronto Symphony Orchestra. He’s also an improviser and is working on crossover projects like FackZeDirtyCut with Hélène Breschand. His style combines many different inspirations, and ranges from classical to improvisation.

Constance Allanic

Constance Allanic became fascinated with early music because of the freedom to improvise and the immense adventure of bringing immemorial and forgotten notes back to life. After graduating as a modern harpist, Constance specialised in historical harps and the viola da gamba. The instruments in her collection date from the 14th to the 19th century, although the 17th has her special interest, both as a harpist and as a gambist. She is also a dedicated dancer, whether she is performing historical dances or practicing classical ballet.

DHF Afterparty

The DHF Afterparty is your guide into the night, from ambient to club music. Start off with a beautiful electro- acoustic set by cellist Maarten Vos, who combines his classical instrument with snappy, modular synths. He then teams up with harpist Remy van Kesteren and Scottish music producer and DJ Alex Menzies (a.k.a. Alex Smoke), who makes electronic music records that blur together European minimalism and pop structures with a great taste for the right beat.

DMF plays Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk on a harp? DMF is a contemporary trio with the classic line-up of harp, viola, and flute, played by Doriene Marselje, Mara Tieles Cutié, and Felicia van den End. Their aim, however, is to bring new music to the stage by creating a new sound, using live electronics and playing original arrangements with Kraftwerk as a starting point.

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