Many European countries show dramatic numbers of loneliness and depression amongst their youth. In While We Live -a compass to connection-, musical journalist Andrea Voets makes a social roadtrip through Greece: via the metropole of Athens and the remote, tiny island of Lipsi towards the mystical mountains of Eipiros. Together with dozens of Greeks of her generation, she deciphers their social logic and tools for meaningful contact, as an answer to the ever stronger undercurrent of alienation in society.

Ten years ago, Andrea started looking for a way of living in closer contact with others. She ended up in Greece, where she feels the opposite of lonely: welcome and carried by lots of strangers around her. How do they manage that, in the midsts of an ongoing, deep economic crisis?

Andrea searches for ways out of this problem, in group-conversations with the Greek ‘children of the crisis’, all across the country. We listen in on conversations about trust, openness, sharing, being together, closeness, the experience of time and tears-without-words.

Like this, we get a secret peek into fundamental, ancient values, that lie at the base of meaningful contact. Practical & flexible ethics, filotimo & filoxenia, the connection with our surroundings and those who came before us and a surprising concept of catharsis, party & glenti. This social logic can easily be put into practice, once you have had the chance to experience these ideas for the first time.

And when words fall short, we can always count on music, to bring out everything that needs to be shared, in a collective experience for musicians and audience, that allows everybody in need of a different social perspective to live a new compass to connection.

While We Live is a documentary-concert by Andrea Voets. As the artistic director of Resonate Productions , she creates musical journalism. Original journalistic material gets combined with tailored music into documentary-concerts and podcasts, with the aim to uncover emotional blind spots in society and offer a way out of the problems they cause.
Andrea creates her musical journalism at De Balie, the most important Dutch house for debate.
While We Live was selected into the list of best classical music 2020 by the NRC and won 3 international film awards.

Music, electronics, singing & presentation: Andrea Voets (harp), Sarah Jeffery (recorders), Evi Filippou (percussion)
Musicians on film: Johnie Thin Trio, I Azimazefti, I. Chaldoupis, A. Rizopoulos, V. Christopoulou, M. Paradisis
Video: Myrto Papadogeorgou โ€“ Drastic
Concept, artistic director, research, composition: Andrea Voets

Made possible by:
Resonate Productions – De Balie – Company New Heroes
Fonds Podium Kunsten – BNG Cultuurfonds – Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst – Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds – European Cultural Foundation