Thursday 27 February

10.00-15.00 FvV hall, Utrechts Conservatorium | free admission

Competition: Second Quarter-Final Round

with quarter-finalists of the Dutch Harp Competition 2014

The second half of the quarter-finalists play works by J.S. Bach, A. Ginastera, R. Glière, C. Reinecke and P. Hindemith. The audience can see the contestants, but the jury is seated behind a screen.

There will be breaks from 11.30-12.00, 13.00-14.00

17.00-18.30 Winkel van Sinkel | free admission

Festival Cafe – Daily DHF

with Hans Haffmans presenter, Remy van Kesteren, Amandine Carbuccia and Ruth Bennett DHC-laureates 2012, Doriene Marselje and Mevrouw Tamara, Erika Waardenburg, Jan Oppelaar, Claudia Rumondor, Ramon Lormans

Radio 4-presenter Hans Haffmans invites a.o. Remy van Kesteren, artistic director of the Dutch Harp Festival, to talk about the third edition of the festival. Harpist Doriene Marselje will play a song with singer-songwriter Mevrouw Tamara to get in the mood for the late-night concert Singer-songwriter Meets Harp. To kick-off the Storytelling theme, there will also be a completely new composition written by Claudia Rumondor, based on the news of the day. The premiere of this DHF News will be played by the American harpist Ruth Bennett, one of the laureates of 2012 and percussionist and jury member of the 2014 harp competition Ramon Lormans. Erika Waardenburg will accompany the 14-year-old cellist Jan Oppelaar in Saint-Saëns’ Le Cygne (saturday 1 march, 11.00, Vredenburg Leeuwenbergh, with Edwin Rutten as narrator). Remy van Kesteren will play work of his new CD Memento.

20.30-21.45 Dom Church | EUR 25 / 17,50

Opening Concert: The Death of Poe 

with Amandine Carbuccia harp, Sivan Magen harp, Isabelle Moretti harp and Gwyneth Wentink harp, Frank Sheppard actor, Dirkjan Horringa conductor, the Dutch Harp Festival Choir and the Matangi Quartet, directed by Xander Straat

The festival opens in the majestic Domkerk with The Death of Poe, a musical thriller based on the mysterious end of the American writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe. Poe, one of the greatest writers of the 19th century, was found in a delirious state in the gutter of a town he had never visited before, wearing someone else’s clothes. An unsolved mystery — until now!

Director Xander Straat reconstructs this sinister event with help of the audience and splendid music that various composers, inspired by Poe’s works, have created.

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22.15-23.30 Vredenburg Leeuwenbergh | EUR 17 / 12,50

Singer-Songwriter evening 

with Giel Beelen, participants from ‘The best singer-songwriter of the Netherlands’ Angela Moyra, Mevrouw Tamara, Florian Wolff, Eleanor Turner harp, Doriene Marselje harp, and Joris Beets deltaharp

Giel Beelen loves the harp and its music! The 3fm DJ first presented the opening concert of the Harp Festival in 2012 and has interviewed harpists Remy van Kesteren and Lavinia Meijer on his own programme. He will now take his collaboration with the festival one amazing step further.

Giel has shown us how much musical talent there is in the Netherlands in his series De beste singer songwriter van Nederland. However, in the past it wasn’t the guitarists but the harpists that captured peoples’ imagination with their music. This primal role will be revived this evening as we blend the old with the new: familiar faces from De beste Singer Songwriter will be joined by today’s best harpists and together they will inspire each other to new heights. The concert will be presented by Giel in person.

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20.30-23.30 Evening Ticket | EUR 37

Evening Ticket

Visit both the Opening Concert: The Death of Poe (20.30) and Singer-Songwriter Evening (22.15) with a discount.

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