Dutch Harp Competition 2014

The Dutch Harp Competition is a revolutionary international harp competition hosted in the Netherlands.

Deadline for application: december 1, 2013
Paul Patterson’s new harp concerto for the final of the competition will be available from december 1, 2013

After two highly successful editions in 2010 and 2012, the Dutch Harp Competition will return to the Netherlands during the Dutch Harp Festival 2014! Storytelling is the central theme of this year’s Festival: through it we focus on the harpist’s original function as a teller of tales and bringer of news.

Thanks to its unique blend of competition and festival as well as its revolutionary innovations, the Dutch Harp Competition is much more than merely a contest. Open to harpists of all nationalities and ages, the Dutch Harp Competition emphasises musical quality and artistry over pure technique. The Competition will take place from 26 February until 2 March 2014. May the best musician win!

Why enter the Dutch Harp Competition 2014?

-       the Dutch Harp Competitions 2010 and 2012 were an enormous success and set a revolutionary new standard for harp competitions
-       of the unique combination of a competition and a festival
-       the Dutch Harp Competition focuses on musicality, not on technique alone
-       it is open to harpists of all ages and nationalities
-       contestants get master classes by renowned musicians and free admission to all festival events
-       of its € 20.000 prize money and concert tour
-       of its large media exposure
-       of its transparency, rules and unique voting procedure
-       all contestants receive special media training and other workshops to prepare them for their future careers
-       both celebrated harpists and other musicians will be installed as jury members
-       our competition hosts are always there to help and will guide you from application to the finals
-       we arrange accommodation with host families in and around Utrecht

Read more about the prizes, rulesrepertoire and the application procedure