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It’s a wrap!

4 March 2014

After a whirlwind week, the Dutch Harp Festival and Competition have come to close. Visitors, performers, volunteers, and organizers alike have packed up and made their way back home. But the unforgettable musical experiences from the week are still fresh in our memories. Over the next few days, you will have the chance to relive the best moments of the festival, as we finish processing the remaining photos and videos and post them here on the festival website. There are also a few more blog posts to come, so don't forget to check back here. Thank you to everybody who came and made this year's festival such an incredible experience. See you next time, in 2016!

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Interview with Juliana Myslov

13 March 2014

Immediately following the award ceremony of the Dutch Harp Competition (DHC) last Sunday, I only had a few minutes to photograph the three winners on stage before first-prize-winner Juliana Myslov had to run off to the airport and catch her flight back to the UK that very evening. Luckily, she was back in the Netherlands this past weekend to perform on the Sunday morning concert in the Spiegelzaal of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. (The concert was broadcasted live on Radio 4, and you can still catch the recording online.) I took the train up from Utrecht that morning and met up with her for an interview after she played.


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